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President's Profile

I was born on 27th June 1972 in our loving city Siliguri and when I was 8 years old I had commenced to learn Martial Arts. I have practised the distinct forms of styles of Martial art since my childhood. I have achieved the various Black belts as 1st Degree Black Belt on 26th December 1990 which rejuvenated me for the next 2nd Degree Black Belt in year 1996 , the next achievement 3rd Degree Black Belt in 2006 which made me ambitious to achieve the  4th Degree Black Belt 2010.

It was my first lesson when I had started my initial Martial Art in 1980 (at the age of 8 yers) and on & on I have stepped on for more than 42 years. Later , I had visited to Mumbai where I met to Hanshi Mehul Vora sir at Juhu for the purpose of the development of “ Bengal Martial Arts” where the all kinds of boy’s and girl’s can build themselves ‘  as Idealistic Fighter’s and can achieve the creative and developmental goals in their future prospect . 

The 4th Degree Black Belt (2010) was converted in Nippon Budo Sogo International india which certifed me well in the year of 2015 by Hanshi Mehul Vora sir and I was enacted along with the family of Nippon Budo Sogo & Kudo . The next great achievement (5th Dan Black Belt) was being handed over to me by Hanshi Mehul Vora sir. The next achievement I got was the 6th Dan Black Belt (8 Jan 2024) which had being handed over to me by Hanshi Mehul Vora Sir and now I am in the title of Shihan, still I am practising for my next black belt (7th Degree black belt)


In 2013 I, Sensei S.D. Barman had been selected as State President of KUDO MMA Association of West Bengal and styles Chief and State President NIPPON BUDO SOGO by Soshihan Mehul Vora , in 2017 S.D.Barman was selected as Director of North East India  and was also elected as the Joint Secretary of KUDO INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION INDIA (KIFI ) in 2019 at Sagar M.P. in the same year he represented the team of 10 Martial Art personnel return from India to take special traning in Bangkok , Thailand & S.D.Barman was one and only representative from West Bengal  to be included  into the India KUDO team as recommended by Hanshi Mehul Vora Sir.

I had been recommended by Hanshi Mehul Vora sir in a Team and was sent to as in Thailand, Bangkok Team of Shihan Akshay Kumar (A Bollywood Superstar). A Concern Team which was Sponsored by Shihan Akshay Kumar Sir And I am really grateful to Sir Mehul Vora for providing me a lot of opportunities to secure mighteous and value based position in my life.

Sometimes it so happens that people are not interested to join the association in online mode or I’m out of station for official work then one wants to meet me in person, they are utmost welcomed to do so by contacting me via my email and phone and we can mutually decide the day and time to meet as per our convenience.

I would always be very grateful to Hanshi Mehul Vora sir for my present achievement.  It would have not been possible for me to Setup myself on this position without the effort of Hanshi Mehul Vora sir. 
A lot of heartiest greetings to him…….

With thanks.

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